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EHQ 2017, taking the Weather with You

EHQ 2017, taking the Weather with You

Well what can we say about EHQ 2017?

Everything was planned down to the finest detail, and thank goodness that also included our plan B, our “wet weather plan”.  For weeks, the forecasters had been envisaging a beautiful crowning day and week to follow, however, at the last minute, everything changed.  We experienced the worst weather in our 73 year history !!  Thankfully, we had immense support and a world of help.  Coxswain of the Eyemouth Lifeboat, Andrew Jamieson advised us that due to the swell at St Abbs, the voyage from there would not be possible.  At one point, we thought we may be able to get Colbie Kate to make her entrance by taking her out into the “roadstead” and back in again, but the weather got even worse with heavy rain and increasingly stronger winds.  Plan B was set in motion.

The Rev and Mrs Haddow, had agreed beforehand to graciously allow us to use the Eyemouth Parish Church as the setting of the 73rd crowning in case of inclement weather.  The plan had already been to go “facebook live” to allow others who maybe couldn’t make it down to the crowning at the seafront,  the opportunity to watch the event in the comfort of their own homes, in Eyemouth or even further afield.  It was a great success in that we even had people watching from the all over Britain, the USA, Australia, Germany etc etc…..

The one thing that the weather couldn’t ruin was the infectious smile of our new EHQ 2017, Miss Colbie Kate Ross.  Feeling a bit down hearted in that we couldn’t give her the crowning day we promised, one look at  CK,  we pulled up our socks, rolled up our sleeves and followed her lead.  The sun was shining in Eyemouth Parish Church.  She certainly took the weather with her.

Sunday was no better, weather wise. We had to cancel the bands we’d booked to entertain people, throw away gazebos that had been annihilated,  bin equipment that had been ruined and cut short the day.  However, thanks again to the Eyemouth Parish Church, we had a lovely, cozy and warm, Songs of Praise in a beautiful venue.

The good weather appeared on the Monday ( mustn’t have paid the correct postage when we ordered it !), and the rest of the week toddled along nicely.  The only event we just couldn’t do was the Pet Show as there literally was nowhere else we could host it.   Having the event under gazebos was just not an option as it was far too wet.

The final Saturday however proved to be a huge success.  The “Family It’s a Knock Out” set the tone for the day in that everyone was up for a giggle and a day of fun.  CK finally got her entrance when the crew of the Eyemouth Lifeboat, kindly took the girls out to sea for a sail and then back to port to the waving crowds who had congregated on the harbour side to show their support. Thanks everyone it meant the earth to us all.  On a personal note, there were at least two tear stained, snot nosed committee members, whistling and cheering at the top of their lungs at the end of the Bantry, who got a bit emotional at the whole situation ……

After a daft “Wacky Races” and a beautiful Torchlight Procession and PJ Parade, the week was over.  The EU Church hosted their Service of the Sea the next evening, and EHQ 2017 drew to a close.

More than a few people have commented that EHQ 2017 was ruined by the weather, we would have to disagree.  Yes, mother natured was less than kind to us, and the EHQ funds took a real battering, but if you ask Miss Colbie Kate Ross and her court, their opinion is like ours.  It was a very different EHQ festival than that of the last few years, but everyone had a fantastic time, the events were outstandingly supported and the girls had the experience of a lifetime.  The photos are the proof.

All that’s left to say is, congratulations and all the very best of luck to our new EHQ 2017 and we look forward to having the pleasure of your company throughout the year ahead.  You did great ! Who needs the sun with a smile like yours ?


EP 2017