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EHQ elect for 2021 – Miss Abby Pringle

EHQ elect for 2021 – Miss Abby Pringle

EHQ Elect for 2021, Miss Abby Pringle.

This year, as we are still bound by the restrictions of the world wide pandemic, we have had to alter our selection process to accommodate.

Instead of a selection night held by our usual hosts, the Homes Arms Guest House, we have had to go online and use “Zoom”.

Meticulously organised by the selection panel chair, Rev Andy Haddow, the panel had the luxury of sitting in their own homes and being able to take part in the selection process, although still with all the same rules and regulations we always adhere to.

This year’s successful candidate, Abby, will be supported by her maids Dani Peakman, Deon Mark, Ellie White and Carly Hamilton.  She has selected her sailor boy Archie Burgon and trainbearer Brooke Shell, the rest being selected at a later date once children eligible are put forward to be selected “out of a hat”,

Just like last year, we are bound by the laws and regulations set by the government and local authority, but we endeavour to do as much as is allowed and is possible to make this a memorable year for Abby and her court.


Good luck Abby, here’s where the fun starts !!