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How do we choose the Herring Queen ?

How do we choose the Herring Queen ?

Here’s how we select the new EHQ .

Applicants must be a girl attending Eyemouth High School year three  and must have lived in Eyemouth for over ten years.

The process starts in October when candidates are given a talk in school by representatives of the EHQ Committee and a pack containing all the relevant information they require to help make the decision as to whether or not they would like to stand for election. They are then asked to submit their application along with relevant police checks, which comply with the child protection policies, to the chairperson of the selection panel.

Our chairperson is not on the committee but is the President of our organisation. The EHQ Committee have no say in who is chosen to make up the selection panel from the organisations approached, they merely make the initial contact with the groups to ask to send a representative. The chairman of the panel then deals with the process.
The panel are then selected from representatives from different groups and organisations within the town. Different ones are written to every year. Each of the groups/ organisations, are then asked by the Herring Queen Committee to send a representative, who has no connection with any of the girls who are eligible to apply.

These representatives then form the panel. The EHQ committee must not know who are on the panel until selection night. All the girls are then interviewed by the panel who decide beforehand, the questions they want to ask. All the candidates are interviewed on the same evening and asked the same set of questions. They are then given marks for each question, and on the information contained in their application form, by each individual member of the panel. The marks are then added up at the end of the interviews and the highest scoring girl is chosen as Eyemouth Herring Queen thus insuring no single member of the panel can sway the outcome.

The panel and the committee take this process very seriously and all the girls must be accompanied by their parents during the interviews.

Every precaution is taken to make sure the process is fair and unbiased. ”

Good Luck girls !!!!x