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Virtual EHQ  2020

Virtual EHQ 2020

Well what can we say?? 2020 Will go down in the history books for more than a million reasons, but for Eyemouth and EHQ Elect Miss Hope Harwylewicz, the one that will be remembered will be our Virtual EHQ.

Obviously, things are not the same as they usually would be this July, but the EHQ Committee are trying their level best to have some sort of EHQ week for the aptly named, Hope.

You can visit our EHQ Facebook page to look at all the events that we have organised for you to do online in the safety of your own house, garden or outing which Miss Hope will judge and hopefully, arrive to the door with prizes to the winners.  Visit for more details.

This year will be a little bit “dis-jointed” but we hope to do all the events etc that Hope and her court will have enjoyed during EHQ week, throughout the year.


Hopefully lots of photos to follow….