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EHQ Fundraising Winter Dip

EHQ Fundraising Winter Dip

EHQ 2015 Roma Peakman and a lot of “daft dippers” braved the North Sea on January 2nd to raise money for the festival. The event was supposed to be on Boxing Day, however, the weather had other ideas as the sea was “choppy” to say the least.

Taking advice from our friends at Eyemouth Lifeboat, the date was changed to January 2nd and it was all systems go…

17 Brave souls ran into the sea and between them, raised £1300 for EHQ.  Lesley Crowe from the Co-op joined in and raised money for their charities too.

Well done to –

EHQ 2015  Roma Peakman, Beth Cromarty, Lia Mitchell, Caitlin Lauder, Claire Cromarty, Jemma Landels, Douglas Stewart, Karen Purvis, Scott Purvis, Terrie Turnbull, EHQ 2016 Elect Megan Melvin, Georgina Allan, Alan McQueen, Sheila McQueen, Tom Nisbet, Lesley Crowe…oh and me too Elaine Peakman.3732_10206701931361589_5688668490246575884_n1598_10206702048444516_6544109945825102934_n